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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

COVID-19 update Monday 4th January

Dear Parents/Carers

I can confirm that we are on the list of areas which must not open to most children next week.

The Government has provided a document to support schools in areas which must remain closed. The link can be found below:

Key workers are identified as the following:

  • Health and Social Care workers (doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers etc)
  • Education and Childcare staff (teachers, LSAs, nursery nurses etc)
  • Key Public services (undertakers, religious staff etc)
  • staff working in local and national government
  • people working in food production, processing, distribution, sales and delivery
  • people working in public and national safety and security (police, army)
  • people working in transportation (train, bus drivers etc)
  • utility, communication and financial staff

If you think your role is included above, please contact me as follows on as soon as possible.

Child / Class

Parent 1: Name / Vocation

Parent 2 (if applicable): Name / Vocation

I will aim to respond by Saturday 1st January.

Kind regards

Kate Mills