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John Ray Infant School

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Ambulance Visit with Foundation Stage

Ambulance Visit

We had an ambulance visit Foundation Stage. We learnt that if you need help in an emergency you have to dial 999 for an ambulance, police, fire engine or life guard. We were told we need an ambulance if we have a broken leg, if you can't breathe properly or if someone is collapsed on the floor and they can't be woken up.
We were told that every ambulance has its on number which can be found at the back of the ambulance at the top. Our ambulance had the number 332. 
We were shown how the tail lift moved up and down so the ambulance crew could get someone who was on a chair into the ambulance. 
We took turns to go into the ambulance and have a good look round. We sat on the chairs and the stretcher. We saw that there were lots of cupboards inside the ambulance and that everything in the ambulance folded up so that it could be put away to make space.