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John Ray Infant School

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Dragon Topic

Dragon Topic 

Ladybirds are really enjoying our new topic. This week we found footprints and dragon eggs in our class room. They were colourful and cold. We had a think about where they could be from...

‘Dinosaur eggs’ Josh

‘From a wizard’ Zach

‘T-Rex eggs’ Josh

Mrs Mills had seen the creature fly out of school. It had giant wings and was breathing fire.

‘It must be a dragon’ Ava.

We looked after the eggs all day. They began to hatch and get smaller.

The dragon also left us a story to read, ‘There’s no such thing as a Dragon’.

We enjoyed this story and have spent time designing and creating our own dragons out of plasticine. We have carefully rolled, cut and stuck the pieces together. We are really proud of the final products.

In maths we have also been measuring dragon tails and dragon feet. We have used the vocabulary of ‘long, longer, short, shorter, and shortest’. We also all had a go at measuring with rulers and using the term ‘cm’.

‘ZOG’ is another dragon book we have also enjoyed. ZOG is a very clumsy and forgetful dragon but he is lucky, as he meets a kind princess. She is very responsible and helpful. She looks after ZOG and shows him how to be the best dragon he can be. 

We have thought about how we can be responsible. We have made our own posters to show others how to do this. We have also awarded our friends stickers when we spot them being responsible. We have been responsible by making sure lids are on pens and glue, chairs are tucked under, taps are turned off and coats are on pegs.