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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

Fire Engine Visit

We were very excited to have a fire engine visit Foundation Stage. Mrs Hinds had to dress up as a fire fighter putting on their boots, trousers, jacket , helmet and oxygen tank which was very heavy. We then took turns to sit in the fire engine and learn about the different equipment they have.  These are some of the things we remembered from the visit.

There are no cats or dogs kept on the fire engine but they do have rescue dogs that are kept at Colchester.​

The siren gets louder and quicker the nearer the fire engine gets to the emergency.​

Tea and biscuits are kept under one of the seats.​

Boots and trousers are put on together so the fire fighters cab get ready quickly.​

A thermal camera to help the fire fighters to see in the dark.​

The yellow drain covers show where they can get more water.​

The timer tells you when the oxygen has finished.