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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

First Forest School for Bumblebees

First Forest School

This week it was our turn to get dressed in the waterproofs and our wellies and go exploring in the wildlife area. While we were walking across the fields we tried to stay quiet so that we could see the birds and the squirrels. We walked inside the wildlife area, we had a look round to see the different signs of winter. We found some red berries which we talked about not eating and they were for the birds only.

We also noticed that some of the berries had turned black as they were dying and would decompose back into the soil for the plant to use again when it started to grow in spring.

We also found a hole with bird feathers and we thought that it might have been a fox. We walked around the mound and had to duck under some low branches.

On the way back we had great fun racing across the field to Mrs Durham.