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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

Kingfishers and the artist Matisse

Kingfishers spent an enjoyable morning learning about the artist Matisse.

They looked at a selection of his work and then were encouraged to talk about what they could see in his pictures.  They talked about the different colours and shapes and what they themselves could see in the pictures.  They then had the opportunity to design their own pictures in the style of Matisse.

Some of our work can be seen in Braintree Museum.  We are looking forward to viewing it when we go on our Museum visit.

We are all really enjoying finding out about the Victorians.  The most interesting facts so far have got to be that Queen Victoria was only 5ft tall and had a waist measurement of 50 inches!! 

Thank you to Ethan for those facts.

We are looking forward to finding out some more over the next few weeks.