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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

Letters Home

Letters are also sent home via parentmail. Paper copies can be collected from the school office.

  1. Online Learning.docx
  2. Curriculum based activities to do at home page 2 and 3.docx
  3. last letter before end of term2.pdf
  4. keyworker information2.pdf
  5. ppg letter for meals over closure.pdf
  6. Corona Upate Letter 18th March 2.pdf
  7. Corona Upate Letter 18th March.pdf
  8. Bumper Challenge March April 2020.pdf
  9. Child Friendly Explanation of Coronavirus.pdf.pdf.pdf
  10. PTA Coronavirus letter 17th March 2020.pdf
  11. Corona Update Letter 17th March.pdf
  12. we are learning 160320.pdf
  13. We are learning 090320.pdf
  14. Family fitness sessions 040320.pdf
  15. Choc fair yr 2.pdf
  16. we are learning 020320.pdf
  17. School Author Visit.pdf
  18. science week with invention sheet 020320.pdf
  19. Letter with updateinformation on COVID19 (1).pdf
  20. choc fair FS Yr1.pdf
  21. Year 2 class assemblies.pdf
  22. Coronavirus Concerns 13feb20.pdf
  23. we are learning 10.2.20.pdf
  24. Environment Challenge letter.pdf
  25. Forest School - Health & Safety Code of Practice Feb 2020.pdf
  26. Letter Head meeting feb 2020.doc.pdf
  27. Ticks Advanced Info.pdf
  28. We are learning 030220.pdf
  29. Reading letter for parents before TLRs.pdf
  30. SATS Presentation to Parents Feb 2020.pdf
  31. we are learning 27.11.20.pdf
  32. we are learning 23012020.pdf
  33. Declan.pdf
  34. phonics workshop letter 130120.pdf
  35. We are learning 13012020.pdf
  36. new reading bands letter 07012020.pdf
  37. End of Term Christmas Letter Dec 2019.pdf
  38. Family fitness sessions 121219.pdf
  39. Thank you and Merry Christmas 2019.pdf
  40. Carols and cards year 1.pdf
  41. we are learning 09.12.19.pdf
  42. Carols and cards FS.pdf
  43. Carols and cards Yr 2.pdf
  44. OFSTED Letter to Parents 041219.pdf
  45. John Ray Infant School - 10110288 - Final Report.pdf
  46. Carols and cards year 1.pdf
  47. We are learning 02.12.19.pdf
  49. books-for-schools-starter-pack-leaflet.pdf
  50. Christmas Jumper donation station.pdf
  51. New School Council Members.pdf
  52. We are learning 25.11.19.pdf
  53. eSafety presentation 061219.doc
  54. we are learning 18.11.19.pdf
  55. CHILDREN IN NEED 15.11.19.pdf
  56. Family fitness sessions 011219.pdf
  57. what we are learning 111119.pdf
  58. Grandparents invite to No Pens Day.pdf
  59. Reading diaries.pdf
  60. Roundwood pumpkin patch 2019.pdf
  61. what we are learning 141010.pdf
  62. Family fitness sessions 111019.pdf
  63. parent questionnaire feedback October 2019.pdf
  64. Carols and Cards 101019.pdf
  65. we are learning 071019.pdf
  66. Phonics Invites Sept 19.pdf
  67. Litter in our local area.pdf
  68. Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019.pdf
  69. Harvest Festival at John Ray Infants School.pdf
  70. Harvest Festival Lunch Oct 2019.pdf
  71. Welcome to John Ray Infants 2019!.pdf
  72. Year 2 Welcome Meeting 2019.ppt
  73. Parent questionnaire sept 2019.pdf
  74. FS Newsletter.pdf
  75. Weekly reading Newsletter 2.pdf
  76. Macmillan Coffee Morning 2019.pdf
  77. Harvest Festival at John Ray Infants School.pdf
  78. Data Collection - letter to parents Sep 2019.doc
  79. Diary dates for Academic Year 2019.docx
  80. KS1 Welcome Meetings September 2019 yr2.pdf
  81. KS1 Welcome Meeting Year 1.pdf
  82. Aldi PE Kit letter.docx
  83. HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT FS 2019-20 (1).pdf
  84. HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT sept 2019 KS1.pdf
  85. Reading at JRI.pdf
  86. online safety parent leaflet september 2019.pdf
  87. E safety Parents Meeting 2019.pdf
  88. HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT sept 2019 KS1.pdf
  89. Welcome Back Letter 040919.doc
  90. School Development Plan Letter.pdf
  91. SDP targets for families.pdf
  92. Parent information booklet september 2019 FINAL.pdf
  93. Last Day Summer Term July 2019.pdf
  94. This week we are learning 150719.pdf
  95. This week we are learning 080719.pdf
  96. Age of the Dinosaurs at Braintree Museum.pdf
  97. We are learning 010719.pdf
  98. we are learning 280619.pdf
  99. YR 2 - LEAVERS LUNCH.pdf
  100. Summer camp flyer for john ray.png
  101. Healthy Schools Newsletter.pdf
  102. We are learning 171619.pdf
  103. FS Pirate Day 201819.pdf
  104. JRJ Lunch Year 2 130619.pdf
  105. We are learning 030619.pdf
  106. Holiday absences.pdf
  107. Summer Read List EYFS and New EYFS 240519.pdf
  108. summer read current EYFS Letter.pdf
  109. summer read current ks1 letter.pdf
  110. summer read list current Years 1 & 2.docx
  111. 3030 Essex.pdf
  112. We are learning 200519.pdf
  113. we are learning 130519.pdf
  114. We are learning sheet 070519.pdf
  115. ASC LETTER - John Ray Infants Summer 2019.pdf
  116. Teacher Clubs1.doc
  117. School Council Braintree Council Letter.pdf
  118. Foundation Stage Mix Letter April 2019.pdf
  119. We are learning sheet 290419.pdf
  120. We are learning sheet 290419.pdf
  121. NSPCC Letter to parents 040419.pdf
  122. phonics screen letter April 2019.pdf
  123. reading letter to parents for Easter.pdf
  124. Letter to parents 02042019.pdf
  125. Foundation Stage Letter April 2019.pdf
  126. Easter Holidays at Braintree Museum Flyer 2.jpg
  127. Easter Holidays at Braintree Museum Flyer 1.jpg
  128. We are learning 1.4.19 (1).pdf
  129. Half term camp flyer for John Ray.png
  130. SATS Presentation to Parents Mar 2019.pdf
  131. Parents-letter Big Battery Hunt 2019.pdf
  132. Nursery Lower Age Consultation Follow Up Letter.pdf
  133. We are learning 180319.pdf
  134. Sick Bug Update 150319.doc.pdf
  135. DF Change of teachers Mar19.pdf
  136. We are learning 11.3.19.pdf
  137. We are learning 4.3.19.pdf
  138. MOMOOnlineSafetyGuideforParentsFEB2019 (1).pdf
  139. Lucky Listener Feb 2019.pdf
  140. Peppa Pig Videos Feb 2019.pdf
  141. Gov letter to parents Feb 19.pdf
  142. WBD 070319.pdf
  143. We are Learning 11.2.19.pdf