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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School


At John Ray Infants P.E. is vital part of the curriculum, teaching children the key skills needed to participate in sport and also the importance of being healthy and active. In P.E. lessons, children are given the opportunity to try a range of sports across the year, and at the end of each half term all children take part in competitions across their year group. There is also the opportunity to take part in cross school competitions. This allows children to apply the skills they have learnt but also to develop other skills such as team work and respect.  

Alongside P.E. lessons, children are frequently encouraged to be physically active through a range of activities such as taking part in the Daily Mile, using the Play Pod equipment at lunch times and through cross-curricular activities such as using orienteering equipment. We also offer a broad selection of before and after school clubs. 

The children have regular opportunities to take part in inter and intra school competitions including Kwik Cricket, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, TeddyLympics, Cross Country and Tag Rugby. There are opportunities for children of all ability to take part in competitive sports. Our SEND children have taken part in Bowling and Curling competitions in the past year.

Every year, our sports Coach Mr Mills offers opportunities for staff to take part in competitions alongside the children.

The school makes the most of experts wherever it can. The children have opportunities to work with an experienced dance coach and Karate teacher this term.

Children are also taught the importance of being both physically and mentally healthy. They are taught about the need for a good diet, the importance of sleep and ways to keep mentally healthy such as building positive relationships.  The school provides regular opportunities for the children to cook and prepare food both independently and with support.

The school follows the National Curriculum and Early Learning Goals, as well as the Health and Wellbeing scheme of work. Children are assessed regularly throughout the year.