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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

Phonics-Harold finds a voice

The focus in phonics this week was listening to different sounds around our environment and trying to mimic them using our voices, ready for when we start to learn our letter sounds.

Mrs Hinds dressed up as a parrot and read a story called -Harold finds his voice. It was about a parrot who was very good at copying all the sounds he heard around him.

Bumblebees had to go in search of Harold making all the different sounds he liked. He was eventually spotted in the tree and we took him on a sound walk around the field to listen for different sounds. We heard people talking, cars driving pass, telephone ringing in the office, a toilet flushing and lots of birds singing.

In the creative area we had a go at creating our own Harold’s, thinking about the different materials to select and tried to remember the sounds Harold had made.

We have also played an animal sound game and used instruments to play a sound game .