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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

This half term has been all about Dragons and Magic.

This half term our topic has been dragons and magic. The children were very excited when a dragon visited our class and left us her eggs to look after as it wasn't safe in the magic mountains. The children came up with good ideas to help keep the eggs safe. "We can put them on a pillow." suggested Oscar, Beau thought we could put them outside "When the sun up and we put ice outside it melts."

We tried several ideas and watched to see what happened. 

The next day the dragon had been back and taken the eggs to hatch as it was now safe. She thanked us in a letter and left us a toy dragon and a mysterious rainbow egg. The children enjoyed sharing ideas of what could hatch out of the rainbow egg. After several days of watching and waiting the children were thrilled to find a unicorn had hatched out of the egg. After some discussion the class decided to call her Rainbow.

In Design and Technology (D&T) the children drew a design for a new dragon. Then they used Plasticine to make their dragon, whilst looking closely at their plan.