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Welcome to Woodpeckers Class webpage 2019-2020.

Woodpeckers have settled brilliantly into year 2. They have been working incredibly hard and have produced some amazing pieces of work. We are proud of their achievements! Keep it up!

We have a busy term ahead and are excited to be creating Brilliant Braintree brochures. It's been fun researching Braintree and its history.

Image result for the firebird stravinsky

The Firebird Stravinsky- Responding to sound sources by thinking creatively!

L.O: Exploring sound sources

We closed our eyes and imagined what we could see.

It sounded like…

“A volcano erupting” – Nancie

“Ships sailing in a storm”-William

“Spaceships launching into space” – Harrison

“Dinosaurs hunting for their prey” – Xavier

“Rockets blasting into space” – Alfie James

“The Queen coming out of her castle” – Finlay

“A scary cave with a troll inside” –Alfie B

“A stormy night” – Max

“Driving a car really fast then slowing down” – Oscar W

“A train ride into a dark tunnel” – Jake                  16.9.19

Image result for jessie and friends CEOPL.O: To know how to keep safe online

C: Jessie and Friends – CEOP

Keeping Safe Online – Our views

Don’t talk to strangers – Winnie

If you’re worried talk to an adult – Alfie-J

Don’t click on pop ups – Megan

Don’t ever meet people without adults – Jake

Make sure our grown ups know what we are watching – Ashton

If you are worried tell a grown up who you trust – Amelia B

Never go on programmes that your parents don’t know – Xavier

Don’t send unkind photos it will make people sad. – Charlie

If you have a funny feeling in your tummy turn it off – Oscar

Never send a picture to anyone without their permission – Ryoko

Don’t trust strangers they might trick you – Lilly-Anne

Don’t be unkind online – Finlay

Don’t give out your phone number or where you live – Tulisha

Don’t give anybody your full name or school – Alfie B


Guided Reading Session   16.9.19 Our text this term is 'Moth'

Whole class reading

We discussed some amazing vocabulary!

We followed the text and looked at the fantastic illustrations.

We all enjoyed reading this book and we are looking forward to all the exciting activities to come!